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I'd go Macbook.

IMO I'd say the MBA is the bottom of the pile, it's a very limited computer, and more of "hey look at me" thing than an actual usable computer. Has anyone ever complained by the thickness of their macbook?

The extra 2 inches of the MBP are really noticeable. I'm in college, and when I see the kids who schlep their MBP's to class, it's bigger footprint makes a difference with the little desks, and it's bulkier.

The MBP is not a laptop... it is a notebook. I make this distinction because those MBP's get hella hot!

Unless you game, or do heavy photo-video editing on a laptop, the pro isn't needed. The macbook can handle those tasks fine.

IMO the multitouch stuff is gimmicky, it doesn't really work too well when it's not on a screen. 2 finger scroll is the extent of multitouch i need on my laptop.

Backlit keyboards are also pretty gimmicky. Shouldn't we be fluent with QWERTY by now?

Blackbook if you must, but I think the premium on it is stupid.

But. If you decide to go on the refurb/used market, a MBP would be nice, especially if your laptop will be deskbound most of the time.

Can't touch this.

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