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Hey everyone,
As a previous Windows user, I have recently decided to make the switch to an Apple. I decided to get a laptop for the portability and convenience of being able to pick it up and use it throughout the house, even though it will probably be at my desk most of the time. But I am stuck between the BlackBook, the Macbook Air, and the Macbook Pro.

I will pretty much only use the computer for surfing, IM, and Microsoft Office. But occasionally I also like to play games. It would be nice to be able to play all my games on the Pro if I get it, but it is not a major issue as I can just play them on my Windows machine. As a power user, I have usually gone for the biggest and best model and that usually my mentality, but this time I am more willing to get a lower performing model. I also do not use many ports, with pretty much no use for an Expresscard slot and only maybe a USB or FireWire port for a Time Machine backup drive. Cost is somewhat of an issue, but it is always better to save a little cash.

Here's what I'm deciding between:

Powerful processor
More portable than Pro
Personally, I like the chiclet keyboard better than the Pro's
Aesthetics - I think the MacBook looks stunning in black

Integrated Graphics
Smaller screen

Macbook Air
LED screen
Illuminated keyboard
Chiclet keyboard
Cool factor

Price premium
Slower processor
Slower and smaller hard drive
Lack of ports

Macbook Pro
Fastest processor
Dedicated graphics
LED screen
Illuminated keyboard
Bigger screen
Ability to play games
Uber ports

Most expensive
Less portable

Overall I think the BlackBook is the best value with great processor power and hard drive space, but it lacks the dedicated graphics of the Pro and the other features of the Air and the Pro. The Macbook Air is in the middle with the features of the Pro at a lower price, but still has a price premium over the BlackBook for lower performance and hard drive space and fewer ports. However I probably do not even need any of those. It still has the cool factor though. Finally, the Macbook Pro has all the features of the Air but with the best processor and dedicated graphics. However, the major turn-off is the price. I am somewhat concerned about its portability because it is larger, but I don't know if i would really notice the difference. I also don't know if I would really use the dedicated graphics card as I can game on a different computer and apparently Leopard runs fine with the X3100, but I may be wrong.

So what do you guys think is the best choice?
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