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"1. Does the problem occur on specific occasions (i.e. when certain programs are open, when you're performing a particular task or only after a certain amount of time running)?"

No, it does not seem to have anything that triggers the screen going pink. I have found that the problem does not usually occur for at least 15 minutes or so though.

"2. When the problem occurs, does a reboot solve it (even temporarily)?"

Yes, a reboot will solve it for a little while. Sometimes I have to wait 5 or 10 minutes before turning it on again, but rebooting helps temporarily.

"3. What version of Mac OS are you using and how is your MacBook Pro equipped (any aftermarket memory?)."

I am using OS X version 10.4.11

"4. Do environmental conditions impact the problem (i.e. does it only happen when outside or at certain temperatures)."

Environmental conditions do not affect it at all, I have seen it happen in cold waether, hot weather, etc.

"5. Did anything change on the system around the time the problem started to occur?"

Nothing changed on the system exept for the screen going pink and then slowely going grey.
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