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hi guys,

this is my first time i will be buying a mac book.
I have owned i macs before and the mac years year back. Currently using Dell and Asus notebooks.
I'm giving the Macs a chance again.
I'm having a hard time deciding between a macbook and macbook pro.

the macbook is a 2.4g, 2 gig ram, 160 HD
the macbook pro is 2.4g, 2 gig ram, 160 HD

I know the weight difference between the two is .4 lbs, the pro heavier.
the pro has 15 inch vs 13 screen.

Both of my current laptaps are 15".

1. my 1st concern is, if i go with the macbook 13", will it be harder to get used to since i started off with a 15" on my current laptaps ?
2. in terms of reliability, which of the two is more reliable ?
3. will the macbook pro with the same specs as the macbook be in any way faster when doing excel, word, photoshop and internet browsing ?
4. what other features does the pro have over the normal macbook ?

any other things i should know about ?

Thanks & regards

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