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As my name states I am mac stupid, I know next to nothing about them. My co-worker that knew about them left and now I am trying to figure them out. Because I know nothing please be specific with your answers.

So we replaced 3 macs with the new dual quad core mac pros running the latest OS (I think it is Leopard) and the ones we got back I now have to deploy to other users. I think these are running Tiger. What I need to do is clean them up before I deploy them. If this was a PC I would just format the hard drive and reinstall the OS but because they are macs I do not know how to do this. I have looked but cannot find any cds for them that I could boot off of, so I assume that the files to restore the system to factory specs are somewhere on the hard drive, but how do I access them?

Please anyone tell me how this can be done.
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