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Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
I don't know of a NAS enclosure that supports 2.5" drives, but I personally own a D-Link DNS-323 and think it would be perfectly suited to your task. In addition to having Gigabit ethernet support, it can also do RAID1/0 and has a built-in iTunes server. It's a little pricey at about $170, but it's an awesome little server. The pictures e its size too, it's just big enough to contain 2 3.5" drives.
Thank you very much for the information! You are correct in saying that this would suit my task... because it does perfectly! But the only problem is that it's pricey, and I don't have any spare HDDs laying around, lol. Then what would I do with my poor 2.5" drive?? I saw one that was made my ASUS, but it had it's own antenna and was 802.11g...

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