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Hey Guys,

I work remotely a lot and absolutely love it. My company gave me a dell to use but I finally made the switch to mac, and will never look back. Crap, didn't mean to rhyme there ha ha. Anyway, I don't want to lug around two laptops if I can just use my Mac to access my work Vista desktop.

Currently I connect to our VPN, then use the remote control feature from my XP latptop. I really prefer the remote login program in windows as opposed to The speed is substantially better.

So I have a few questions:

1.) How do I connect to my company's VPN from my mac?

2.) Is there a protocol, like windows remote login, that works the same? With good speeds? Also, being able to adjust the graphics and such for a faster connection is a must.

I have read about VNC, but it sounds like its going to be very sluggish and I can't afford that. I will be connecting to my work computer over cable or dsl.

So if anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!


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