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Hi All,

Since switching to Mac a few weeks ago I am in a search for some photo managing software with workflow. The two current competitors are Apple's Aperture and Adobe's Lightroom. I have over 200,000 photos, so it is also important for me how the photos are organized and cataloged.

I have download the trial version for both. And both application allow for the importing of folders from disk. However, I do not want to make new copies of the images, just to catalog them. With Lightroom it was not a problem as there was a checkbox to copy them or leave them where they are. In Aperture, I could not find such a feature. If there is no such feature in Aperture, then the easy winner will be Lightroom. Is there such a feature in Aperture?

Both applications are feature rich. There are some features I prefer in Aperture and some in Lightroom. They have different approaches to workflow and I am not sure which one I prefer currently. Aperture is more flexible when it comes to workflow. Lightroom has some nifty features and is a little more usable, in my opinion, then Aperture.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks, Brian
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