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Looking for your advice on buying Powerbook. I am new to Mac and tired of rebooting my Win Me everyday.

My needs:
1. Internet.
2. Photoediting by Photoshop CS.
3. Some DV editing.
4. Word/Excel
5. DVD burn for photos backup and DV.
6. Portability, may bring it on vacation to store photos, I shoot a lot.

1. I found 512M very borderline for running PSCS, I am using 1G ram and feel just ok. Upgrading needs an extra HK$2400, do people editing photos do the same? Or they upgrade by themselves?
2. Is 17" that portable? Or should I buy the 15"?
3. Some says the Powerbook is going to upgrade soon, should I wait for that?
4. It seems the high den era is coming, TV, DV, do you think I should consider this or is it just too distant to consider now?

Thanks a million.
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