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Well... I can buy my firt MacBook Pro tomorrow... or I can wait till the supposed update in June. I want it for the summer though, and I can expect a late update in late June or early July, and that is 1/3 of the summer already gone. Then I would need to wait for shipping... get home and all that wonderful stuff. But, the main question is, if I buy a MBP right now... and treat it like a baby like I will, will the resale value be enough and worth it to just sell it once the new MBP's come out if I really want to update (I won't need to if there is no layout/design change that I really don't want...), to just lose like $400 or something... It would be like paying $400 more the day I buy my MBP for a better MBP. That true? or am I being too optimistic with the resale value of a 3 month old computer (if I even would want to upgrade IF there are really nice updates, so that is taking a chance at waiting for something I may not even need... when I could just get it NOW! Instagratification! )? Sorry for the long post... Thanks in advanced for your input!

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