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Originally Posted by jaekriel View Post
I just bought a G4 Dual 450 with 1.25 ram from an ebay seller with over a thousand positve feedback....

For a machine that is "supposed" to be so much easier to use....and is certainly "cooler looking", it is also much more expensive.
Well, to be fair the machine you purchased is 8 years old. It would not have been able to handle any modern version of Final Cut anyway.
Also, just because someone has a grand eBay feedback score, doesn't mean they know heads or tails about Macs. I see Macs on eBay all the time that are from sellers with extraordinary feedback, but they all say something to the effect, "I have no idea how to use Macs" or "I haven't been able to test this, due to my lack of Apple knowledge". The machine could very well have been faulty at the time of sale. It wouldn't matter to the seller. They would sell it anyway. Plus, most of those sellers are Windows users who still buy into the myth that Macs cost sooooo much more, so they jack the price up to astronomical levels.
How expensive was it? You bought a fairly dated machine on eBay. It should not have cost any more than one or two hundred bucks. Otherwise, you got shafted.
I just want to someone who has worked on Microsoft systems for over ten years...
And if it IS the "Logic Board", well....I have never had a "Mother Board" go out on me......ever....and I have built/owned PCs since ' know - that OS that was supposed to be a rip off of Mac '84?
You have admitted yourself that you have extensive experience with Windows... but that means nothing in the Mac world.

The comment trying to connect hardware faults to stability or integrity of an OS is not very well grounded either. I have been using Macs for 22 years and Windows for about 15 years. I have built plenty of Windows boxes and I have had mobos go bad on me. I've had iMacs with bad logic boards. It happens.

Again, that Mac is a machine that was released in early/mid 2000. I would wager that a person buying a Windows machine from that era, configured as it would have been at the time of its release would be a bit disappointed as well. Especially when they find that it can't run modern day apps or updates at the same speed as a brand-new machine. I would certainly have a sour view of Windows using a machine like that if I had never used the OS before.
(and I wont mention how many times I have heard "Macs never crash"....Hmmph....)

Very disapointed.....
Whoever told you that is obviously mistaken and/or seriously delusional. ALL computers crash, regardless of what OS they run. Believing hype and marketing from commercials and taking it at face value is something that should never be done.

Now.. all is not lost for your machine. It can be made to run. All you need to do is want it to. If you don't, then forget about it and don't worry.

If you do, then you need to throw your 10 years of Windows experiences... well, out the window.
It won't help you here and continually trying to compare what you are faced with now to something that happened while you were using Windows and building PC's won't make it any easier.

One thing that is common with older machines is problems with RAM. I have a machine even older than yours (B&W G3 400) that ran into problems when I attempted to install 10.4 on it. It kept telling me that there was a HD issue. I had tried no less than 5 different drives in it, all failing.
I finally decided to swap out the RAM and .... poof.... suddenly it worked. The machine is still running and is currently installing the latest Security Update with no problems.

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