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Is there a possibility that the processor is an upgrade to the original machine - meaning that on erase and install, the driver for the new processor/daughter board is in conflict?

Well....I have no idea - but I doubt it.

Isnt the Mac Dual 450ghz a standard configuration?

And if it was, how would I know?

How could I check?

And if so- what would I do?

Im sorry but your question does not help me.

Right now, my system wont boot at all.

If it was caused because of a DVD burn....I dont know HOW that relates to the Logic Board.....much less the Video card.

If it is the Logic Board that is "faluty" ..well yeah, then anything could happen I suppose, but I dont know how I am supposed ot check that ....even if I re-format an re-install the OS -

I ran diagnostics on the system using TechTool (as stated before) and all the tests on hardware passed.....except the harddrive - which I replaced.....

But how would I know? and what would I do?

If I have to replace the logic board - I may as well send back the unit - since I would have to take that to a Apple Store anyway...and I am sure they will charge me an arm...and maybe half a leg

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