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Sigh Sigh Sigh.

I give up.

Well now its worse actually.....

Now, after trying a couple more times to get into "safe mode", now when trying to boot - all I get is the grey screen - with the Blinking Folder and Mac it wont boot at all.

As much as I certainly do apprecieate the assistance and help from everyone who responded to my (*admmittendly) long winded post(s)...

...and as much as I dont want to be hated by Mac lovers everywhere....

I just want to someone who has worked on Microsoft systems for over ten years...

...that I will no longer sit though one of those "cute" Cool Mac geek guy versus the Square Windows-Guy-In-a-Suit commercials without a severe frown form on my face

Nor will I ever again suffer the rants from a Mac owner who tried to smugly sneer in my direction and inform me of how much "better" Macs are than PCs......

For a machine that is "supposed" to be so much easier to use....and is certainly "cooler looking", it is also much more expensive.

And if it IS the "Logic Board", well....I have never had a "Mother Board" go out on me......ever....and I have built/owned PCs since ' know - that OS that was supposed to be a rip off of Mac '84?

(and I wont mention how many times I have heard "Macs never crash"....Hmmph....)

Very disapointed.....

Anyone know of a good Mac OSX emulator out there?

The only reason I bought this WONDERFUL AND FANTASTIC thing is to run Final Cut Pro for crying out loud !!

Guess I am back to Adobe Premiere .....FOR WINDOWS

But seriously - thanks for trying to help.


(AKA - One who would have "switched" chance of that happening now - to be sure.)

Thanks Steve.
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