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jaekriel is offline I did what was suggested.

I downloaded both the Mac Hardware Test CD/DMG file and the link to the 10.4.11 Update bundle

I downloaded them to a folder on my PC and shared the folder.

Formatted the NEW harddrive, installed 10.4.

From the shared folder on my workgroup, I dragged both the Hardware test and Update Bundles to the Apple Desktop

With Disk Utility, I burned both images

Ran the hardware test, according to the instructions - it did nothing

Meaning - couldnt get it to do anything - it simply "blinked" the Question Mark / Folder Icon at me.

I re-booted, opened the Update package - and Voila. It installed.

Big time WHEW

So, I used TechTool one more time, did a thoughough diagnostic - found nothing wrong

Aparantly - the HD it shipped with was bad, although I still dont know why Installing updates via the internet gives me grief

(other updates also stalled, and froze up the system, subsequently -) long as it gets done eventually, even after a few frustrating re-boots and many hours.. works...Im happy - for the most part.

BUT ..wait - there's more.

So - having downloaded MANY Apple Diagnostic tools in the hopes of finding out my problem over the last few days, and having them all in one folder that was once in the shared windows folder and now on my Apple desktop - I want to keep them for the future - right?

I install Toast - put them all into one DVD burn session.

The burn goes down fine, I try to "Verify" and it locks up - and once again I get the Gray Scroll down - "You must Restart"

Beginning to panic, I re-boot, but my system comes up fine.


So I burn all the individual apps onto CD instead of DVD

No problem.

I try one more time, to see if burning DVDs is going to be a problem, and if so...why.

I put all the apps into a Toast DVD session more time.

During the Burn, once again - I get the Grey Screen of Disgust.

But - this time- my system wont boot up at all anymore.

All I get is the Blank Blue Apple Screen.

Nothing else

I look up the "step-by-step" about booting into Safe Mode from the Apple Webby -


It hangs forevever in the Grey Wheel scroll.

Then - eventually - the Blue Screen of nothingness.

(To boot into Safe Mode - I held down the Shift Key after the initial power up until I see the Grey Apple screen - no safe mode.)
I try again - holding down till I see the Grey Gear wheel


My system wont boot - either safe - or normal

And thats where I am currently at.

Any ideas?

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