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So the new Nas cd was up on iTunes today, so I bought it assuming that it was unedited because i saw nothing about clean or explicit versions. who buys a clean nas cd anyways unless they are like 10. Well I spent 19.99 on it this morning go to listen to it 5 minutes ago and the worst edited cd i have ever heard. I just looked on iTunes to see if it said anything and i missed it and it didn't. So i wasted 20 bucks on a preview of the cd because its choped so bad. Oh well that realy rubbed me the wrong way today especialy since it was a double cd. I found the unedited version but i had to go to the hiphop section. I clicked it off the music store home page and if they had to versions it should have said which version i was downloading. guess that was a lesson learned. So if you want a cd with the lyrics make sure it has the parental advisory sticker on it before you buy it.
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