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Well I got my 17" powerbook. And what a computer. Very pleased with it. However I am going to need to travel with it soon and will cry when it gets its first scratch.

I have been looking on the internet but am really having problems finding the right bag for it. Can anyone suggest a good place to get a bag or case for it though? Any good websites that sell such a bag? Or any websites that review the different bags available would be good. I am looking for the "messenger bag" type to take as carry-on baggage on the airplane.

Ideally I would get a sleeve to place the powerbook itself in, and a bag to put the sleeve containing the powerbook inside which could also fit accessories such as the power unit and CDs/DVDs/Ipod etc.

Also I am flying economy class in December and was wondering if anybody had experience trying to do this with a 17" (You know like on that Powerbook TV advert where theres a guy with a 12 sitting next another with a 17 on the airplane).

When I had my 14.1" vaio it was ok on an economy class seat. Just. I am concerned that I might disturb other (envious) passengers!
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