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I just got the new Time Capsule and I am having a hard time setting it up

I used the Airport Utility.

Step 1. It Finds the Time Capsule
Step 2. I Switch Wireless Networks to set up the time capsule
Step 3. I Enter the Time Capsule Name and Password
Step 4. I select the radio button I have a wireless network (It is a linksys wireless network)
Step 5. I select the radio button I want Time Capsule to Join my wireless network
Step 6. I choose the my current Wireless network
Step 7. I choose my security (the one my wireless network uses)
Step 8. I enter the password for my wireless network
Step 9. I click Update to update the Time Capsule

I get a message that say waiting for the Time Capsule to restart.

The Time Capsule restarts and then just blinks amber and never goes to green.

I then try and reset it and do it all over again, but no luck. I wish it would give me more info.
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