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Hi everybody:

Here's my question: I have a Home Recording Studio with Pro Tools and a lot of plug-ins installed in an old G4 running OS9. As this computer has broken I'm trying to switch to another Mac I have, a dual/mirror G4 with OS9 and OSX.

I tried to replace the hardrive of the dual G4, for the one of the old Mac (to keep all the stuff inside), but it couldn't be recognized. I want to do this, because I've loose some of the installers of my plug-ins, then I cant' reinstall all my stuff into the new drive.

The dual G4 recognizes the old hardrive if installed as a secondary one, but obviously, the programs won't run this way, 'cause it's not the main drive.

There's any solution for this?. Maybe I have to install another version of OS9 in the old drive?. I've listened that the type of OS installed in a dual G4 is different than the one installed in a single G4. (Or these computers -dual and single- use different type of drives?). (The OS installed in my old G4 is 9.2.2, and in the dual is 9.2)

Thanks in advance for your HELP!!!
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