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It looks nice, but it doesn't look really reflective of what your site is about. You have like a 3d auto cad wireframe world, and some random dolphins and you're talking about Digital Video on the front page.

If it's a digital video site, why not see some video? If it's about motion graphics, 3d or whatever, it would be more reflective of it.

The url seems unnecessary as being on the banner, unless that's how you want people to realize what site they are on. If you do that, I'd suggest just making it in a better spot, a different font, and make it, kill the http://www and the underline. You don't need it.

Is the space at the top in grey for advertising? If it so, that's great, but you know have a ton of screen space before ever seeing what's on the page. The banner is way too thick; i'd consider cutting it down at least a third.

Hope that's somewhat useful.
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