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Originally Posted by TheInvsbleMan View Post
Ok so I use iTunes to play my music and I am using Quicksilver triggers to control it even when it is not in focus. I am wondering if there is anyway to have Quicksilver, or Growl or any program really to show me a little popup of the song now playing when it first comes on.
Quicksilver and Growl play together swimmingly, and you can make them work together to display current track information on screen whenever the song changes. You've gotta configure both QS and Growl to do it, but I promise it's not daunting at all. Here's how:

Note first that you have to have the iTunes Module and the Growl Notifier Module loaded into Quicksilver, via its plugins list.

In Quicksilver's own preferences (invoke QS and press cmd-,), you'll want to go to Preferences > iTunes and make sure the "Monitor Recent Tracks" and "Display Track Notifications" checkboxes are active.

In your Growl preference pane, Quicksilver's Growl options include the ability to display the current playing track. You can find this option at System Preferences > Growl > Applications > Quicksilver > Configure > Notification: iTunes Notifcation. Play around with that to determine how the notifications will look.

Growl also has its own little extension called GrowlTunes which basically does the same thing, but on my setup I figured that since I use QS triggers to control playback, I might as well use QS to monitor the track information itself.

Hope this helps! I know it sounds confusing, but if you're already reasonably comfortable with QS, you should be able to find your way around the more thorny bits.
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