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I have a similar problem along with a mouse problem. MY IMAC G5 20" IS ABOUT 10 days old. At start-up and at wakeup from sleep mode the screen has in the upper half, a horizontal pattern of white and black dashes, same size as a printed hyphen, the dashes are horizontal as well. After a couple hours with 2 Apple technicians I was told that I have a video display anomaly. The next tech reviewing the case # file asked me another time to describe the problem which I did and told her the previous tech had described it as a "video display anomaly". Duh!! This young lady(girl) in Texas told me she did not understand foreign terms and would have to refer me to a product specialist. That next person wanted me to remove the back cover and follow his walk-through in performing some series of changes in hardware connections deep inside. Told him thanks but no thanks and now they want me to do an erase and reinstall. We'll see. I feel like I'm getting royally jerked and Apple is reluctant to admit they don't know what the hell is going on and replace the entire unit. How many hours of interrogation by 10th graders is required by Apple?
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