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I could do with some advice. I've got an iMac G4 800 running 10.2.x, all has been well until last night.

I noticed that when the screensaver was activated (random picture), the screen went through the pictures as normal until at one point it hung. Couldn't take out of screen saver. Only resolution was to turn off and reset.

Changed the screen saver to the Cosmos one, similar thing happened.

I used MacJanitor to perform the daily / weekly and monthy jobs, and did a "Repair file permissions".

Rebooted and same thing happened.

Booted from CD and performed a "Repair disk" from the Disk Utilities.... again its still got issues.

Short of re-formatting the drive and starting again, has anyone any ideas ?
(bear with me as Mac ownership is new to me ~ 15 years of windows products has taken its toll !)


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