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Originally Posted by clivet View Post
OK thanks, I've changed to Fetch.

I've been provided with the following...

Username: myname
Password: mypassword
FTP Server:

Is it this ftp server that I should enter in Fetch as the hostname? Do I prefix it with ftp. ? - I followed a tutorial that said I should use my url ie

Having done that I get the following result at my url which is as you can see the index html is there but embedded in another file.

If someone could point out what i'm doing wrong here I'd much appreciate it... should I start another folder in Fetch and begin again? It appears I should transfer the contents of my iweb folder to fetch and not the folder itself?

Thank you.
I'm doing this from memory and without a lot of sleep as I was up much of the night so please forgive if I'm not being precise enough...

The way I do it is to just prefix the domain name with FTP - like you have -, then insert your username and password and click on Connect.

Then look for a folder like WWW within Fetch (it's on your domain server).
Click on the WWW folder as you want to be in that one.
Then click on PUT.
This will open up a Finder type window where you'll then click on Users, your name, and Sites.
Highlight everything in the Sites folder (you're selecting them all)

Click on PUT and go get a cup of coffee..

It will by default (I'm pretty sure) replace any like named folder / file.

The bad thing about using iWeb and a domain other than .Mac is that you have to upload the entire site everytime you want to publish it to the web. I know of no way to just pick and choose a given folder out of iWeb / Sites to upload without "breaking" the website.

It's for this and other reasons I have just purchased Dreamweaver CS3..

Best wishes to you in your quest and I hope I've been of at least some help..

Regards - Randy in Minneapolis, MN
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