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You need something to get sound from your instrument/microphone to the computer. This can be done a few different ways. Some are better than others.
Some microphones will allow you to plug straight into the microphone slot on your computer.... This does not produce very good sound quality though and will not work with some instruments.

If you want good quality then you need something that does a good job of getting sound to your computer. The cheapest product that has really good quality is the Mackie Onyx Satellite. Do a google search and you should find many sites selling them. If you look hard you can find it for as low as $170. (The one I use is $1600 so 170 isn't bad) It is firewire which is ideal.
They have been discontinued but it seems there are plenty around still.

I'm sure others will have opinions on Dig Aud Interfaces... Hopefully they will chime in!
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