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[QUOTE=thebowman;599064]I have a new MacBook OS X 10.5 and Windows XP SP2 (using boot camp). My internet connection is dialup through my iMac OS X 10.4 with external modem. I am set up with a home network using firewire. I also set up a network using airport, which shows as connected, but not able to see other computer. I am able to access the internet on my MacBook logged into Windows via the wireless network. I am unable to access the internet at all logged into OS X on MacBook.


I have been able to complete the wireless network using airport and can access my iMac from MacBook, but still cannot access internet except when logged onto windows on MacBook.

I have been able to connect both computers using airport wireless network. I have access to internet on my MacBook logged into OS X using airport. It is slow, but it is wireless.

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