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Well... I have a point to make.

Unless your gonna be doing something processor intensive and a daily basis, there's little use to own a really high spec machine. For example, if your using a system to surf the net and send emails, then a 2Ghz system is an OVERKILL. For domestic home use, a 1.6 is plenty. Unless your thinking about accessing the latest games, in which case i'd go for 1.8 or maybe a 2.0. and expand the ram to 1 or 1.5Gb RAM tops!

Yeah I have a powerful system, i use it for work, 3D animation and stuff. Where i buy my ram; in China it's dirt cheap. From the monitor, I seldom exceed 3Gb never mined 4Gb... and the other 4Gb... it keeps dust out of the sockets!
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