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Originally Posted by Mincrum View Post
Thanks for the help David; greatly appreciated! To be honest though, I am quite new to the Web Design field. My good friend and I are looking into creating a Website in the future and we are in the midst of learning the ins and outs of Web Design. I was looking at the CSS editor you posted. To be honest, I'm not really even sure what CSS is! Try not to laugh at me, but again I'm really just entering this whole world and I'm trying to learn. I know how html works-but I don't actually know how to write html. Is the CSS editor an actual program used to create a full web site? I was looking Dreamweaver and I've heard it is quite difficult to use. I want a program that will be obviously a bit of a challenge to learn, mainly because I want the best quality of a site. If you have some time to explain a few things about this, I'd VERY much appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll try to browse around and try to figure things out.. Anyways, thanks again for your info!
OK, got it. If you plan on doing much in web design it's really a good idea to build up a fundamental knowledge first. You want to learn what HTML, XHTML, DHTML and CSS are - not necessarily how to be an expert in them but at a minimum you should know the role these technologies play in web design. A good high level book like Web Design for Dummies may be a good starting point.

I would caution you not to get to wrapped around the axle about learning each of these different technologies in detail - just understand at a high level what they do and if you find them appropriate start to dig in.

I know some people that create perfectly serviceable web sites with simple design surface editors - and they have very little HTML coding skills. It really depends on what you want to get out of your site.

I googled up some sites that may be a help to you:

Hope this helps Mincrum...

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