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Maybe it's just me, but my favourite way of designing web pages is just to open an editor (I use Aquamacs or vi depending on if I am at my computer or working on it remotely). Products like Dream Weaver are great once you know how to code by hand but I firmly believe you have to know how to do it manually before you get an application to do it for you. I see alot of people who want to make a website and start with Dream Weaver-ish products and never learn what is happening behind the scenes, when something doesn't look the way they want it to, they have no idea how to fix it (lets face it, those web builder apps may be great, but they do have some limitations).

My HTML for Dummies (don't laugh, they are seriously good books when starting to learn) and fire up your favourite text editor (bbedit is a good choice to start with) and start hacking some html!

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