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Originally Posted by dalison View Post
Welcome Zach. I've been going through a search myself. It really depends on the kind of web site development you are looking for. I'm old school so I tend to gravitate towards the basic editors. Here are a few to check out:

HTML Editors:
Coda - I tried this out but didn't care for it. Still, very professional app.

Nvu - OpenSource HTML editing environment. It's a real dog from a performance standpoint though

BBEdit - A friend of mine swears by this one

CSS Editors:
CSSEdit - An outstanding CSS Editor. I've got more info on it here.

Hope this helps get you started. If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution that any of these you should consider something like DreamWeaver, though you will need to drop some serious coin to get it.

Thanks for the help David; greatly appreciated! To be honest though, I am quite new to the Web Design field. My good friend and I are looking into creating a Website in the future and we are in the midst of learning the ins and outs of Web Design. I was looking at the CSS editor you posted. To be honest, I'm not really even sure what CSS is! Try not to laugh at me, but again I'm really just entering this whole world and I'm trying to learn. I know how html works-but I don't actually know how to write html. Is the CSS editor an actual program used to create a full web site? I was looking Dreamweaver and I've heard it is quite difficult to use. I want a program that will be obviously a bit of a challenge to learn, mainly because I want the best quality of a site. If you have some time to explain a few things about this, I'd VERY much appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll try to browse around and try to figure things out.. Anyways, thanks again for your info!
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