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Does the osx version of itunes support non-ipod mp3 players? (namely the creative nomad jukebox zen xtra) I had an ipod (3rd gen) but was unsatisfied with the sound quality. The nomad zen blows it away, and is a much better value. Or is there a program that can transfer mp3s that I rip in itunes to an mp3 player in OSX?

Is the 20" screen the same exact one used on the 20" apple pro displays? Is the 17" the same one used on the 17" powerbooks? I hear that the 20" screen is a much higher *quality* screen than the 17" one, and that the 17" imac g5 has problems at viewing at extreme angles (like a laptop screen would.)

Is the apple care worth it (it's only $119)? I see quite a few possible hardware problems with the g5 imacs on these forums.. So I'm leaning towards getting it.

What's a good 2+ button mouse to get with it that *matches* the system, and are the wireless mouse/keyboard as buggy as I hear? I dont know if I want to pay the upgrade to the bluetooth + wireless keyboard & mouse if I'm just gonna toss the mouse and get a (possibly wired) 2 button one. Are there any bluetooth 2 button mice out there?

I think that's it for now... thanks guys!
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