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I'm new to the form and new to the Mac world. I recently made the switch to Mac (the first in my office) and am LOVING it so far, but I am running into one large issue:
All of my duties at work involve me accessing, adding to, or changing flies on the office server (windows 2003 exchange server). I am able to get on to the server and open files, but I cannot add any new files to the server, change any existing files or make alias's of folders on the server. Each time I try to do so i get a message telling me I "don't have permission to do so". I have had my IT guy upgrade me to ADMIN but it hasn't helped.

I could really use some help, I'm afraid that if i don't get this resolved soon they will make me get rid of my Mac, , and I really don't want to do that.

Thanks for you input.
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