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If you download movies from the ITMS then they go into the default iTunes library location and take up local HD space... This happens regardless if the Copy to iTunes Music Folder is checked or not.

If we are talking about these downloaded iTunes movies.... I bet that you could download them from iTunes... Move the downloaded movie to an external drive... Uncheck Copy to iTunes Music Folder... then drop the file into iTunes.

Then as long as you are connected to your external drive and you sync to your TV you should have the downloaded content..

How does it know where to find them? You are storing the file on the external drive... by unchecking the above mentioned option and dragging the file into iTunes you are basically creating a shortcut (alias).. iTunes sees the alias and fetches the file from the external drive.

Basically this would work the same way for content that is backed up or home movies that are converted into the correct format for TV viewing but instead of downlading them from iTunes you just place them on an external drive and follow the same steps.

Hope that helps.

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