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I know this, only because Mac OS is very new to me, I'm really not sure how it works with webhosting.
Here is what BlueHost says about their support for Mac:
Recommended programs and options especially for Mac users.

While we do support Mac users, the unique structure of the Macintosh platform raises several compatibility issues.

If you have not already come across this information, it will be invaluable to you in setting up and maintaining a website. (These programs are all free, but do require you to download them to your computer.)

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Unfortunately, our Unlimited FTP software will not function on a Mac. Therefore, we recommend using any of the following programs to gain access through FTP.
-Fugu | Available through Columbia University |
-Fetch | Available through Fetch Softworks |
-CyberDuck | Available through Cyberduck |

Web Page Development
PageWizard was programmed with the dual button mouse in mind, making it extremely difficult to use on a Mac. Try this instead.
-NVU | Available through Linspire |

Browser Suggestions
Safari is currently not compatible with many features available through our service. To avoid these pitfalls, try these browsers.
-Firefox | Available through Mozilla |
-Opera | Available through Opera Software |

They don't mention WordPress, like you said, it's ok
But if I go with them, I'll have a problem with FTP and Safari, which I like a lot and have no intentions of using anything else. This is the best browser, and I tried all of them since 1995.
It means, that other webhosts may a similar problem as well.
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