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Originally Posted by Bob11
I have a G3 (circa 2001). I was online the other night reading email and the system shutdown on me (almost like a power failure). I tried to restart the machine (using the power button on the monitor). The system sounds as if it is trying to power up (ever so slightly) but nothing happens.

I tried to 'shock' the PRAM via the keyboard, to no avail. I then tried replacing the battery, nothing. I am running out of ideas. Can any body help me out?


I have a G3-iMac from 2001 (early, 450mhz), too. I have the same problem, the computer suddenly shuts down just like there was a power failure and it cannot be restarted using the powerbutton on the monitor.

Sometimes I know the mac will shut down before he does, because the monitor changes the geometry (I don't really know how to explain this in english, sorry) or the picture gets (kind of) out of focus.

I think this problem has something to do with the "power supply" (?), but I don't have a clou how to solve it.

Do you?
I need the Mac...

Thank you,
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