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I have an older imac (indigo - all in one style). cd rw. G3

I utilized comp usa's tech help and they walked me through installing new RAM which was way easy. However, they disclaimed themselves from responsibility if static electicity blew out my motherboard, etc.

I installed the RAM and everything was fine. Right afterwards I upgraded to Panther. The upgrade seemed fine - didn't loose any favorites or applications, etc. EXCEPT - I couldn't get onto the internet.

After repeated calls to sbcglobal tech help, I was advised I had computer problems and was referred back to Compusa tech help. They walked me through a second install of the new software, looked at the internet options and decided it was a hardware problem and that the ethernet board was blown out! And, of course, they had warned me so it just might not be covered.

They had me ground by touching my hand to the steel mesh material surrounding the opening to the RAM cards. I've put many RAM cards into computers before and never had this problem.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has another suggestion of what might be the problem. And if anyone else has had this static electricity problem when installing RAM themselves.

I believe it was determiend that it was a hardware problem because when reviewing the existing internet connections both the ethernet and the modem options have a red light next to them.

The error code next to the red light for the ethernet (which is what my imac uses) says that it is not plugged in - but, of course, I've double checked the connections quite a few times......
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