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Originally Posted by Aptmunich
If not, you might have to send in your mac to get a new harddrive...

Though I can't imagine that is the problem TBO.
I sure hope it isn't!

If I manage to rescue my data, you know, I'll be better off than I was before... Silly me, waiting for Tiger to erase and install... Anyway, whatever the outcome of this sad episode is, I have learned 4 lessons anyway:

1. Always keep an up-to-date backup of your home folder.
2. Never rely on your iPod for backups.
3. Never use the FireWire update feature.
4. Always make an extra backup before installing a major system update.

And finally, one thing I would have done if my old iMac let me, never install an OS on top of another. I'll most certainly make a clean install of Tiger when I get my hands on it. And that's a great excuse to get rid of all the clutter in the system...

In three or four hours, I'll attempt to rescue my stuff. I'll let you people know if the attempt is successful or not.

Thanks again, and wish me luck!
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