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Originally Posted by Macman
basically, back up the users folder, and maybe even the library folder inside the macintosh hd. you can partition your drive, but theres no nbeed for it if youre just gonna put apps and such on one partition and other stuff on the other, plus I think apps need to be on the same partition /hd as the system folder. a good reason to partition would be having a 2 gig scratch disk for photoshop or something, or extra fonts or files. you have to erase your hd to partition it.
"I've got bad news... I'm afraid he couldn't make it"... Sounds a lot like ER, doesn't it?

It's all over now. I was trying to backup my iPhoto library onto my iPod, when everything went terribly wrong. The transfer was halted, I tried to eject the iPod, then my screen went blue with that spinning widget thingy (not the beach ball), and I forced a reboot... What did I get? The most dreadful sight a Mac user can have (apart from the now defunct "Dead Mac"): a folder with a flashing question mark and a Finder icon. The same.

I'm lucky I have this Winblows box. But anyway, I surely don't like Windows very much, but right now I'm VERY pissed off... REEEAAAALLLLY pissed off!

What happened next? I tried to boot from the System Software disc, but I was presented with an even more frightening sight: on top of a "modern" Kernel Panic appeared a big bunch o' lines of text. A screenful of them. I don't recall what was written there, I guess I was too horrified... After all, even though I've played a few times with CLI (I know how to rescue all my tunes from my iPod by typing commands, thanks... cp isn't that hard to use anyway), I had just lost all my stuff less than 2 min. before. I just remembered the last line: "panic: we are hanging in here"... WE?? Who, my files? All those daemons in the Hell that my HD turned into? (or is it more like the limbo? The Twilight Zone? Wait, I'm getting a little too much philosophical. ) </sarcasm>

I did another reboot, and finally booted up from the CD. I finally saw the Installer screen and I got that warm, fuzzy feeling. My stuff was all gone, but at least my Mac was alive, and apparently responsive.

Of course, I did the most obvious thing to do: I loaded Disk Utility and tried to check the disk. I got an error. Then I tried to repair, and I got the same error. I'll try to translate it (because I started the Installer in Portuguese, and I don't feel like rebooting...). It's a literal translation, so pardon me:

"Repairing disk for "disk0s3"
Checking HFS Plus volume
Invalid B-tree node size
The volume checking failed.
Error: The subjacent task reported an output failure (-9972)

Repair attempt in 1 volume
0 HFS volumes repaired
1 volume couldn't be repaired"

(the disk check error is exactly the same; replace "repair" with "check")

So, what now? Can I just install OS X on top of this mess? Do I have to erase my HD? What is going on with my HD??? Have I screwed up big time?

Hmmm... I sure hope everything will be fine after I clean up this mess. I hope this isn't some sort of hardware problem... What do you think?
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