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I have exactly the opposite problem. I have a Mac Pro 8 core 3.0Ghz with 13GB RAM, 4 SATA internal drives, 2 USB external 500 Western Digital Drives. I use bay one of the sata for OSX Tiger and Bay 2 for OSX Leopard (both purchased versions). The problem is when I'm in Tiger the USB drives have a through put of about 3MB and when booted in Leopard they have a through put of about 24MB. I can only guess that it's a driver problem, but I haven't been able to find anything about the fix. I did find that the WD USB Drives have a problem with speed. These WD drives are USB and eSATA. When using them as eSATA drives they work fine on both versions of OSX. The problem is I need the eSATA connections for other drives and just want to use the WD drives as backup. Has anyone got any ideas why the drives perform normally under Leopard and not under Tiger?
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