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Hi Bob-

I've most recently taken apart quite a few Rev2 iMacs, and have heard many-a-time of non-booting macs. Unfortunately, I usually don't put a super lot of time into repairing them, (usually bad analog, power, or login boards), but if you can provide a LITTLE more detail, I might be able to help point you in the right direction as to the cause of your problem.

Does the iMac Power LED turn green? Do you hear the "Happy Mac Chime"? Any other descriptions you can provide about the startup (or lackthereof) can help us pinpoint the problem.

Thanks and Good Luck!


Originally Posted by Bob11
I have a G3 (circa 2001). I was online the other night reading email and the system shutdown on me (almost like a power failure). I tried to restart the machine (using the power button on the monitor). The system sounds as if it is trying to power up (ever so slightly) but nothing happens.

I tried to 'shock' the PRAM via the keyboard, to no avail. I then tried replacing the battery, nothing. I am running out of ideas. Can any body help me out?


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