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I've done a bit of programing on a windows machine before using VisualBasic so I know a little bit about the basics writing a short program.

At the moment I'm in uni studying structural engineering. I'm getting countless exercises and questions on bean theory, that all follow the same algorithm to work out the answer. As this is getting a bit tedious I though that I could write a program to do all the long sums for me whilst I just enter the numbers in as they appear on the page.

I know nothing about programming on the mac so can some one tell me the name of a good program to get writing on?

I'm looking for something that I can input dimensions and beam properties into and then it will work out the long winded analysis for me. I'm also looking for a good program that I can construct a visual 3D representation with 2D graphs of the beam profile. That might be a bit further down the line but that's where I want to take it.

Essentially, I'm trying to write a VERY SIMPLIFIED version of autodesk inventor for my mac. And, although I'm not trying to take down autodesk I'm just trying to make my life that little bit easier.

Any input at all welcome!

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