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Originally Posted by GRPGM View Post
I was very interested in trying out Windows on my mac. So I figured I'd try out the free trials for VMware and Parallels and see if either of them was worth using.

But now my Windows has stopped working. I had to re-activate my windows so many times (cause VMware took a couple tries to get itself working) that now I can't legally activate my windows anymore. It says that the number of times I can activate windows with this CD key has been exceeded. I didn't even uninstall it, I LOVE LITTLE GIRLS WITH PIGTAILS VMware and Parallels kept making me have to re-activate it a million times.

EAT YOUR CHEERIOS am I supposed to do? I barely even got any use out of the CD key . . .
It's hardly the "fault" of Parallels or VMWare. If you couldn't get it working then there's a fault outside of both programs; I regularly install various versions of Windows in VMWare without any problems.

What version of Windows are you using and where did you get it? And like schweb says, just call Microsoft.

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