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you guys are fun.

i said throwing money away in a hurry.
it's obviously not getting thrown away,
but i would still hold firm the idea that with plenty of free (and perfectly legal) applications out there, it is wasteful.

technologist, i'm operating on an extremely tight budget.
i'm at a community college, i'm a 19 year old independent,
and i was lucky enough to get a fee waiver from my school.
my tuition is literally $35 for the semester.

the macbook that i'm typing this out on right now was a present.
a hundred dollar program means eating even less ramen noodles, potatoes, and plain rice than i already have the pleasure of enduring.
(thank god for my orange tree!)

i'll take the free app any day.

but seriously, thank you, everyone, for all of your suggestions.
i'm going to try them all out.

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