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Yesterday I installed Vista 64 bit on my 2.4ghz 24"er. The installation seemed to go good, with the exception of a few drivers missing.

I opened up bootcamp, created a partition, and booted from my Vista 64 disc. It asked my to format the partition to NTFS, and the installation went on.

After Vista booted, everything seemed to work good. There were few things that weren't working. Ethernet card (Marvell Yukon), vista found a driver and installed that. I had to go on to ATI's website and download 64 bit drivers for the Radeon HD 2600.. and now all I have left is the sound driver. I downloaded the realtek/intel high definition sound driver for Vista64. After that... the only thing that will be inop is the isight, and the keyboard functions (Brightness sound etc) I don't need these functions anyway.

People are saying this doesn't work because apple doesn't provide the necessary drivers. It matters not, the drivers are out there on the internet, you just need to manually install the proper drivers yourself.

I'll only really be using this partition for some flight sim games... I really do hate Windows.
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