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Originally Posted by Murlyn
I agree, that's most all teens, and I know that when I was a teen, if I found my parents doing what you are suggesting, it would be a whole lot longer before I ever talked to them again.. a lot longer than if they did as rman and others have suggested. It's a horrible horrible risk that you are thinking about taking, one that can have very lasting effects if gone wrong.

And I completely disagree with the statement about parents being too protective of their kids these days. I think it's the complete opposite and I applaud you for trying to do something, but snooping on her is the wrong something. There are so many reasons we are saying this and you do seem to truly care about your daughter and her welfare, so please at least entertain what we are saying.
I agree, parents today are most often not protective enough, its good that youre paying attention and not just seeing it as 'shes a kid, what does she have to worry about'. as many do. but be cautious in how you approach her, spying is never the answer. and knowing she can discuss things with you will help your relationship in more ways than you know.
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