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I have my iTunes library on a network share (instead of my MacBook), and it's never been a problem until a couple days ago.

Here are the symptoms: any new music/podcasts added - no problem. Every morning I refresh my podcasts, and iTunes finds the Library on the networked share and copies the new podcasts to it. No problem. However all of the rest of my 3600+ songs/podcasts (anything added prior to just a few days ago) have little question-marks in front of them. If I click on them, I get the "iTunes can not locate this song, would you like to locate it?" error. If I click "yes" and navigate to the iTunes library on the network share, then iTunes can find it.

Also, after a reboot of the MacBook, iTunes resets the library location back to the default (MacBook/Users/Joe/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music). Just quitting/restarting the iTunes app does not do this. It's never done this before. I can't figure out what's changed.

After a reboot, I've changed the library location back to the music folder on the network share (several times). I've tried "Consolidate Library" several times. Nothing seems to work.

Can anyone tell me what's going on and how to fix it? Thanks!
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