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Well 200 va thats how they are rated is way to small your screen alone would be 200 watts at least then add the logic board you would be looking at 300 watts plus

not to teach you to suck eggs

take DC 1 Volt Amp is 1 Watt but in AC thats what you use it no longer holds true

eg watts are Volts * Amps * PF ( Power Factor )

for a computer the PF is low about 0.6 therfore your 200VA unit is only 12) watts

They sell UPS this way to make them appear larger than they are , sale pitch

you need a proper UPS say at least 1000VA ,not a battery backup unit one that can take care of brown outs , overvolts

they are not cheap

BTW I have a degree in electrical eng and looked after a large banks computer for 27 years
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