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I bought the UPS three weeks after this started happening because I thought it was happening due to power fluxuations in my apartment (built ~1930). I have since moved into a building built in 1977 with a very updated electrical system and the new computer hasn't seen the old apartment (no short circuits).

The UPS is very small and when I bought it there was a graph on the back to show how long it would last with your computer (screen size etc) and it said a 20" LCD would last 4 minutes, I have a 24". I just looked and the UPS only has 200 Watts.

The only thing I did to my computer before this started happening (August 2007) was install EyeTV for my MigliaTV Max+. There is a setting in there that updates the tvguide every 3 hours. Below that option there is a check box that says "wake computer if necessary," that box is NOT checked. The tv thing is a hardware and software combo and the computer has done the whole power on thing with the hardware not plugged in. Do you think it could be a corrupted file from that program? Would it help to uninstall that program? That way I wouldn't have to do a manual backup if everything.

Thank you all for this help
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