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Hell, why stop there, why not just tap the phone line? There are many programs you can use to actually record any call that comes into the house. There are also programs that can hack (illegally) websites like Hotmail and yahoo for password retrieval. This only works though if you dont care if the person's password gets changed. Because once you hack it, it will ask you to reset the password to something new. One a side note, no one ever has a guide to understanding your children. She will try drugs, she will try alcohol, she will have sex within her lifetime(shocking I know). Your best bet is to be there for her when she makes mistakes in order to help her realize that no matter what, you'll be there for her. You never had underage sex? You never drank, smoked, did drugs as a teen? I think parents these days try and be too protective over their kids and when their kids begin to try and experiment with life outside the house, their parents always fear the worst and start going to extremes. If you raised her right, it'll work out fine. She'll always have that foundation to rely on. Check out websnoop and
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