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Does that mean, YES, I can use an TV as a hub and basically leave the content off my dwindling 160GB MacBook?
I want to take my content off my laptop and store it in the TV. Thats the only way I'd buy one. And if that is the case I want one NOW!!
My goal is to take alot of my vids and clean up my HD on my notebook and deposit the content on the TV.
Is this possible through any kinda of work around?
I'm not sure if I'm clear on the methods described above. Its sounds like I need to put all the content I want to put on the TV on an ExHD then import then leave kinda a blank spot in my iTunes.
Ideally I'd like to use the device as an iPod attached to my TV. I want to drag/import content to it and zap it off my notebook. Possible or pipedream?

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