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Originally Posted by technologist View Post
I am not advocating the purchase of MS Word or any other individual product. There are many other products, including Pages and NisusWriter, that are worthy of consideration, as well.

I would not have any objection to a student who said, "I'm a student and would prefer to spend as little as possible." I do question the priorities of someone who considers paying for something as basic as a word processor to be "throwing money away."

As it happens, I have both NeoOffice and MS Office 2004 on my Mac at the moment. In my experience, these two products compete vigorously for the titles of "Slowest load time," "Buggiest software" and "most non-standard UI." Usually, NeoOffice wins all three (but at least it's free.)
I see what you mean as far as semantics go, but to me spending money on something that's unnecessary (or made unnecessary by the availability of an alternative) seems quite equivalent to throwing it away.

NeoOffice has loaded faster for me always, and maybe my use just differs, but I've yet to experience any bugs, so it works for me, and I prefer it. When something offers me a much better experience than the free alternatives, then I won't see it as throwing money away anymore. For example, I'd have no problem buying iWork if it supported OpenDocument formats, the world was on an OpenDocument standard, and provided much better functionality than NeoOffice, but it's not quite there yet for me.
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